The King Arthur Play
The King Arthur Play was initiated as Sande municipality’s millennium project. The play has been arranged the second weekend of August more than 10 years since year 2000. It is an humourous outdoor play, in which we meet the people of farm “Kongsvollen” at Sandsøya 1500 years ago. Next display is due in August 2019. […]
The Dollsteinhola Cave
The caracteristic mountain Dollsteinen is situated at the most westerly point of Sandsøya, its steep sides facing the sea. On the south side, approximately 60 meters above sea level, is the entrance of the Dollstein cave, Dollsteinhola, probably the largest and strangest mountain cave in Norway. The cave is widely famous from far back in […]
The Seven Summits Tour
Information in English coming soon.   In Norwegian: Sjutoppsturen går over sju fjelltoppar på Sandsøya, og vert arrangert av idrettslaget langfredag i påska. Løypa er godt merka, så det går fint an å gjennomføre turen også andre dagar i året – både sommar og vinter. Turen har vorte arrangert kvar år sidan 2005. Løypa er 15 […]